Course description

Do you have the burning desire to write your life story?

Not sure how to go about writing it? 

Sam is able to break it down into clear steps for you and guide you through your writing journey keeping you with a clear head, connected to your “why” and motivate you through the challenges along the way. 

Her book was written in 16 days as she got crystal clear on exactly how to do it and committed to completing. 

This eight step course takes you from the initial idea right through to your completed manuscript...

Whom this course is for:

*If you have an inspiring story you want to share with the world

*Have you experienced trauma and have overcome it? 

*You have a personal story that you wish to write as a healing purpose only

*You have a desire to write your memoir ready to be published

*Although you love to write, you have no idea how to write a book about your life

*You may have notes but have no idea how to organise these and create a book as the end result

*You have a truly unique experience that you feel others would benefit from hearing

*You are a business person, a coach or a speaker that wants to share their story as a marketing tool

What this course will bring to you:

*Clarity on your why, what, whom and how

*How to plan your book

*How to structure your story

*Overcoming writers block 

*How to beat procrastination 

*The author mindset 

*How to become super productive

*How to overcome typical obstacles when writing a memoir 

*A self healing journey 

*A introductory video

*Clear, easy to understand lessons broken down into manageable steps

*How to keep you motivated to finish the book 

*How to write

*Time management

*Techniques for recalling memories

From your initial idea right through to the finished manuscript - this step by step course covers everything you need to know 

Samantha Houghton

Samantha Houghton

Mentor, Ghostwriter and Author

After experiencing emotional problems from the vulnerable young age of eleven, one clear outlet for self expression for me, was to write. When it didn't feel safe to speak up, or more to the point, not sure how to, after shutting myself down, putting pen to paper gave me a level of freedom for my influx of thoughts, my intense surges of emotions and feelings and my sometimes, wild imagination.  I spent years of my life devoted to therapies, trainings and personal development. I was always fiercely determined to overcome the much adversity in my life and not to be stuck with a mental health label for life.

I have discovered a lot about myself and about mental and emotional wellbeing along the way and from this comes my huge desire to help others to never feel alone, having spent too much time in that place myself. A way I have found to be profoundly rewarding and inspirational is to help others to write and publish their personal stories or self-help books.

I published my first book in 2017 about my overcoming adversity in my life resulting from trauma and my book shares my insights and realisations and how I navigated my way through the maze of emotions, learnt behaviours and curveballs that life put on my path.

I got myself crystal clear on what I was aiming to achieve with my book, how to go about writing it and once I put pen to paper, it was written in just 16 days.

I'm delighted to have experienced much success with my book and winning an Author Award in the same year was the icing on the cake! It has truly changed my life. 

It has led to the creation of a whole new heart centred business as a book mentor and a ghostwriter as my passion for writing and inspiring others grew with my own experience of how powerful it is to write a book such as this. 

I'm about to embark on writing my 9th book whilst supporting mentoring clients on their writing and self discovery journey.

"It was such a great experience working with Sam with her help my book and story came to life. Without her coaching and direction, my dream would not have come true. I am ever so grateful and already looking forward to doing my next project with her." - Jasbir Arora

"Sam is a truly incredible woman. She has turned her life around and now helps other people to write their stories. I couldn’t of finished my book without her help and for that I am truly grateful. Sam works through in sessions to mentor and guide you through stages in order to make you feel that writing a book is easy!!! I was dubious but after a couple of sessions and as Sam predicted the words just came flooding out. My book launch is October 2019 and with the help of Sam this is my dream come true. My book will help thousands. I highly recommend Sam and she is so methodical and calm too !! Thank you." - Liz Rotherham

"Sam in an absolute angel, I want to thank her for all the help over the last few months. I wanted to write a story in under 4 months and was turned away by many. Sam said you can do it in this time only if you commit - 4 months later my book is out thanks to Sam." - John Clarke 

"I love Sam ! Since I came across her on Facebook a few years ago I have watched her journey writing her books and helping people and it’s been so inspiring to me. I resonate a lot with some of Sam's story and love how she speaks so honestly in a very down to earth way ! I worked with her also for a while writing my story and she made me feel very supported gave me lots of confidence thank you Sam !! You are doing a amazing work." - Lisa Burns  

"A moving and page turning book. Samantha has bared her soul here, that takes courage. It is well written with good end and beginning of chapters that keeps the book flowing. I was impressed with Samantha's ability to keep going through a dark time, almost stubborn, but in a good way. I thought the poems were also insightful. Samantha you can write. Keep going."
Anne Jordan.

"A well written, moving, and compelling story. A very honest account of a difficult and emotional journey. I read the book in 2 sittings, I didn't expect it to be so powerful and thought provoking. A honest account of Samantha's experiences in the UK health care system.
I'm a therapist and recommend this to anyone who experiences difficulties with food or eating and to any therapists who encounter clients with similar difficulties.
This book is full of insights and inspiration." - Mark Clutton

"I loved this book and it resonated with so much of my own story. I became a social worker and counsellor as I didn't want any child to feel as alone and invisible as I did. So well written and inspirational. I've now passed it to my daughter to read" - S. Dicken 

"Such an interesting book, I struggled to put it down and read it in 3 days, didn't want it to end. Also gave me an insight to some of my own issues, and the answers. An absolute magic read. Samantha you are magic and can hold an audience and put your thoughts into a book that is very readable. Will look at for any further titles, thank you." _ Chris Beesley-Reynolds

"I read Samantha’s book in two days, Samantha’s story is very close to my own heart, and I have worked the last 8 years in Child and Adolescent services. Samantha has been very open in her experiences. Her writing paints a picture of her experiences and emotional journey, and how she managed to overcome some very difficult times to become the confident woman she is today. Samantha’s story is truly touching and inspirational. I have already recommend Samantha’s book to friends and work colleagues and hope to read more of Samantha work in the future." - Dawn Wain

"This is a book written from the heart. Sam's story will resonate with many people, whether they have experienced Mental Health problems themselves, or seen someone else struggle. It reads as if she is talking directly to you and gives huge insight into what someone must be feeling and going through, along with the frustration of not being heard. I'd recommend this to people interested in working within Mental Health and also to those who are struggling and need to see there is light at the end of the tunnel" - Sue G

"I had a moment this morning reliving my past. I’m feeling very driven at the moment , nothing can stop me now. Feeling very blessed that our paths crossed." - Nic G 

Course Contents

1 Video

8 Texts

Course Curriculum

Chapter TWO: Creating A Vision

Chapter THREE: The Planning Stage

Chapter FOUR: The Outline

Chapter FIVE: Productivity

Chapter SIX: Create Your Masterpiece

Chapter SEVEN: Writer's Mindset

Chapter EIGHT: Finishing up