Course Description

Would you love to turn your passion for writing into a profitable career? 

Can you imagine creating your income writing about topics that inspire you? 

Three years ago I set my goal to make my living from writing about emotions, mental health and trauma whilst working from a coffee shop each day. Within weeks I was doing exactly that...

Up until that point I had never been paid a penny to write a single word. 

This 7 part course takes you through the process that I fully invested and committed into to achieve my dream working lifestyle.

Are you ready to create your dream as a writer? 

It is also available as a 1:1 mentoring programme. Please email for details on how to upgrade


Part 1 – You - The Writer Extraordinaire

  • The Magic Of The Big Why
  • Who Are You And What Do You Want To Achieve
  • What Do you Want To Be Known For
  • Your Long Term Vision 
  • Creating The Vision 
  • Setting The Intention 

Part 2 – Your Offering And Your Client

  • Who Is Your Ideal Client 
  • Options As A Paid Writer 
  • Ghostwriter
  • Content Writer
  • Editor 
  • Other Options 
  • Creating The Offer : 
  • Programme V One Off Gigs
  • What To Charge: 

Part 3 – Attracting Clients To Pay You Money To Work With You

  • Common Misconceptions 
  • Personal Branding: 
  • The Most Important Factors First 
  • Your Story 
  • How And Where To Find Clients (Or Rather How They Find You!)
  • Marketing Yourself 

Part 4 – Overcoming Hurdles

  • Imposter Syndrome As A Creative 
  • Writer’s Block 
  • Handling The Critics
  • Productivity And Time Management 
  • All other 
  • Legalities

Part 5 – Gaining Momentum 

  • Loving What You Do And Sharing The Passion 
  • Testimonials 
  • Profile Building 
  • Referrals 

Part 6 – Writer’s Growth 

  • Personal Growth 
  • Business Growth 
  • A Team To Work With 
  • Collaborations 
  • Another Book 
  • New Goals And New Vision Setting 

Part 7 – Tools Of The Trade 

  • Technical Literary Friends 
  • Recommended Books 
  • A Mentor/Coach 
  • Contracts – For Clients And Outsourcing 
  • Supervisor
  • Other Techy Buddies  

Mentor, Ghostwriter and Author

Samantha Houghton

After experiencing emotional problems from the young age of eleven, I spent years of my life devoted to therapies, trainings and personal development. I was always fiercely determined to overcome the much adversity in my life and not to be stuck with a mental health label for life.I have discovered a lot about myself and about mental and emotional wellbeing along the way and from this comes my huge desire to help others that are struggling, having spent too much time in that place myself.The clients I have mentored, I have been able to spot what the problem was quickly and help them to put it right with my own insight and knowledge. I work with my instinct and come from a place of "knowing" from all of the long term struggles I endured. I consider this a gift.I published my book in 2017 about my overcoming adversity in my life and my book gives my insights and realisations that others will identify with.I got myself crystal clear on what I was aiming to achieve with my book, how to go about writing it and once I put pen to paper, it was written in just 16 days.I'm delighted to have experienced much success with my book and winning an Author Award last year was the icing on the cake! It has truly changed my life. I had readers reach out to me and ask me how did I write my book and some asked could I write it for them. This had lead onto a progression of not only this course but the creation of a whole new business as a book mentor and a ghostwriter. My courses and work is based on what I have done to effectively overcome my difficulties and live as the person I am today.I am also a single mum to a thriving young man and am proud of what we have both achieved after ensuring that he had a solid foundation in life and all of the nurturing and love that is essential to being secure and happy."A moving and page turning book. Samantha has bared her soul here, that takes courage. It is well written with good end and beginning of chapters that keeps the book flowing. I was impressed with Samantha's ability to keep going through a dark time, almost stubborn, but in a good way. I thought the poems were also insightful. Samantha you can write. Keep going."Anne Jordan."A well written, moving, and compelling story. A very honest account of a difficult and emotional journey. I read the book in 2 sittings, I didn't expect it to be so powerful and thought provoking. A honest account of Samantha's experiences in the UK health care system.I'm a therapist and recommend this to anyone who experiences difficulties with food or eating and to any therapists who encounter clients with similar difficulties.This book is full of insights and inspiration." - Mark Clutton"I loved this book and it resonated with so much of my own story. I became a social worker and counsellor as I didn't want any child to feel as alone and invisible as I did. So well written and inspirational. I've now passed it to my daughter to read" - S. Dicken "Such an interesting book, I struggled to put it down and read it in 3 days, didn't want it to end. Also gave me an insight to some of my own issues, and the answers. An absolute magic read. Samantha you are magic and can hold an audience and put your thoughts into a book that is very readable. Will look at for any further titles, thank you." _ Chris Beesley-Reynolds"I read Samantha’s book in two days, Samantha’s story is very close to my own heart, and I have worked the last 8 years in Child and Adolescent services. Samantha has been very open in her experiences. Her writing paints a picture of her experiences and emotional journey, and how she managed to overcome some very difficult times to become the confident woman she is today. Samantha’s story is truly touching and inspirational. I have already recommend Samantha’s book to friends and work colleagues and hope to read more of Samantha work in the future." - Dawn Wain"This is a book written from the heart. Sam's story will resonate with many people, whether they have experienced Mental Health problems themselves, or seen someone else struggle. It reads as if she is talking directly to you and gives huge insight into what someone must be feeling and going through, along with the frustration of not being heard. I'd recommend this to people interested in working within Mental Health and also to those who are struggling and need to see there is light at the end of the tunnel" - Sue G"I had a moment this morning reliving my past. I’m feeling very driven at the moment , nothing can stop me now. Feeling very blessed that our paths crossed." - Nic G 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Writer Extraordinaire

    • The Writer Extraordinaire

  • 2

    Your Offering And Your Client

    • Your Offering And Your Client

  • 3

    Attracting Clients To Pay You Money To Work With You

    • Atrracting Clients To Pay You Money To Work With You

  • 4

    Overcoming Hurdles

    • Overcoming Hurdles

  • 5

    Gaining Momentum

    • Gaining Momentum

  • 6

    Writer's Growth

    • Writer's Growth

  • 7

    Tools Of The Trade

    • Tools Of The Trade